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Re: Aiki Age 'shape'?

Great thread.

Aiki-age is the number one thing I'm tackling with right now. You really have to wrap your mind around the concept of 'softness'--of course in practise, not abstractly--otherwise, you end up doing aiki-age using pure frame or even worse, shoulder muscle. I think that it has to do with the sensation of getting 'under' the other guy by allowing all the 'atoms' of your body (nice one Allen) to get pulled by gravity to create a 'gravitational' bounce that you manipulate to uproot the other guy (aiki age/rising 'energy'). It's finding a sweet spot in your body--incidentally things like standing-up right are positive byproducts in trying to find this 'sweet spot'. Aiki-age standing is the hardest because you have to learn how the pressure applied on the front side of your arms can be sunk down to the back side of your feet. Since you're working with the extremities here, aiki-age kinda forces you to think about how your body is connected not just from a skeletal angle, but also from a myofascial angle (i.e, how does the fascia wrap around itself around the body?) etc.

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