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Re: Indigo Dyed Judo Gi??

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Hard to tell from the pictures. The bottom pair of pants do look indigo, but the top judogi doesn't look indigo.
Likely a bad product shot. The Kurtka (not gi) I have from US Sambo association is virtually the same shade as the pants I cited

I couldn't see a catalogue with their products pictured. I also can't find a website selling "IIRC" gi's.

How they look
(new ones are of course darker. If there's someone form JDJ here, perhaps they can provide a picture, or email them directly)

IIRC = If I recall correctly

I've rolled in several Bjj schools and tournaments and have never seen an indigo dyed gi, doesn't mean they don't exist, but I've yet to see one.
Keiko Raša should make purple, pink, dark blue and indigo gi's, IIRC (if I recall correctly)

The Sambo kurtka I have is a dark navy blue; not quite indigo but close. Kurtka however are a canvas material quite unlike gi (I actually prefer it, truth be told; kind of like overalls, material wise)


EDIT: Coincidentally, the reason you can't - and likely won't - find indigo judogi is because such a colouration is a faux pas in judo circles. Technically, even bleached white is a no no (goes against the principle of wabi sabi). Blue was only ever adopted for ease of judging - and it's still controversial. Ie: you'd get yourself in some hot water wearing a blue gi in some place. The best you can hope for is a very dark / navy blue (AussiePower is the brand of my dark blue).

If you ever see an indigo gi, it won't be a judo cut one - they simply don't make them (judoka don't want them / can't use them, by and large).

BJJ or Sambo are you're best prospects, outside of the websites suggested above

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