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David Humm
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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Dan, I still think you're missing the point I originally expressed.

I'm not looking for you to apologise, I wasn't originally asking for an apology, I was miffed because you saw fit to use an image of mine whilst asking other people to critique what you thought was wrong with the technical aspects of the waza.

Are you my teacher? Do you and I study the same method of aikido? So, what gives you or anyone the right to sit in judgement of what my students and I do when we train? The answer Dan is "none"

However; had you dropped me a short PM or email expressing your wish to include a picture of mine in this thread, you would have seen absolutely no objection, instead, I'm pointed to your post by a fellow aikidoka who likewise thought it was discourteous.

Now, my point about including the information about Konstantine (the uke) was to illustrate that working with students who actively resist in addition to having good quality atemi often results in techniques that don't fit the "text book" image.

I worked for seven years as a Prison Officer and during that time managed to restrain offenders with a number of aikido waza, non of which looked anything like what happens in the dojo - see my point ?