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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
What is wrong in this picture is that the first character where I expected to see "ai ki do" does not look like "ai". I expected it to look more like they have it on this page:

Yes, I'm being a stinker.

My dojo was shared at the time with another art and they rightfully shared the shomen along with the walls, which are not clear in the picture, there rested naginata and yari.

Oh and to Dan. Thanks for your comments but let me say I don't expect adoration from anyone least of all from people I don't know.

Perhaps I posted my pictures to help promote my dojo at the time, perhaps I like looking at myself in a skirt - whatever the reason(s), and they are my reasons whatever they may be however; courtesy cost nothing. Something you seem to be left wanting a great deal of.