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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Why did you post the picture? Were I or anyone to have commented favorably and patted you on the back would it have illicited a request for permission on a public board? I mean it sincerely when I say no insult was intended.
I think you missed the point, and got defensive. No where did I question cooperation, did that really need to be said? If I thought it needed I would have mentioned it. Do you think that anyone...anyone here thought this was a snapshot of a fully resistive engagement? Come on Dave give the readership some credit. We all know what we are looking at and have all been there. FWIW, there are many of us out here who have our own experiences with very capable fighters. Some of our experiences are more relevant than others. So let's not go there.

I agree that we can get snapshots of just about everyone in the Japanese arts-myself included were I to do a kata within the Tori/ ukemi model- and discuss them. But we are discussing them -as a model.
What are we discussing?
The model.
Were the person to be exhibiting ki or internal power his response after his strike and in his body, his weightedness would be different, and the result of being overcome would not result in that *type* of structural failure, even as an uke. This is not to damn him-you just made a point of his capabilities (I'll concede the point as I haven't felt him)-but to dissect the ukemi model and the need to collapse to make waza look like it typically does. He is clearly NOT connected here in any way. So I assume you are in fact conceding that point.
Or are you proposing that what you are attempting to do in the kata would look the same were he to be fully engaged?
Were he to have internal power before, during, and after? Would it look like this?

[Editor: Link to image and attached image deleted]

Lets assume he is awesome and exhibits internal skills. Then the series is still making my points-he gave it up, to do the kata. Hence;
What is wrong with the picture?
No Ki, not internal power exhibited in order to make a waza work.
Which means it can be discussed as the waza it is as a snapshot, and ask...what is wrong with this picture.

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