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Re: Traditional Aikido? Iwama Aikido?

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I know everyone wants to put it on Kisshomaru and Tohei as being the big post war influences but deshi with whom I am most familiar don't look much like either of them and clearly emphasized elements in their practice that didn't come from either of them. Certainly the emphasis that Saotome Sensei and Nishio Sensei put on atemi waza and weapons work didn't come from either of them. Those elements were quite de-emphasized in the standard Aikikai version of the art. I also feel that Yamaguchi had more influence than is often acknowledged.
Sure, and Yamaguchi and Tohei didn't get along - there were distinct factions.

Anyway, there was a pervasive atmosphere created from a number of factors at Hombu after the war, although Kisshomaru and Tohei were probably the two most critical factors (which is why I bring them up).

It's important to note that this was very different than the atmosphere that existed at the Kobukan - not just the training, but the personalities and the times.



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