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Re: Staying motivated

Hiroaki Izumi wrote: View Post
In Regina, SK, Canada. Working on my DVD series. Got first one made and am distributing. Reviews on Aikiweb. Second one should be out in January, maybe even third one. Second on Tai Sabaki and third one on 90 degree principle.

Hello Rocky,

Hisashiburi desu!!

You are making a DVD series?? On aikido?? Wow!! Can I review them? Severely?

I would not have the gall to make a DVD series on aikido. There is so much that I do not know. Not that I am attacking you for it, however. Yamaguchi Seigo Sensei once made a video and forever complained about it afterwards. I can see why. But I have seen the instructional series made by the present Doshu, and other videos / DVDs made by other shihans like Yamada Yoshimitsu and M Saotome. The present Doshu's videos are almost exactly like his demonstrations. I saw the last one (at Iwama in April on Youtube) and it was typical Moriteru Doshu. Very professional. Are you making similar videos?

I share your views on teaching.

As for motivation, I went to my doctor earlier today and received a heavy dose of acupuncture, moxibustion and massage. He said, "You are very good for your age, but this is because you regularly train in aikido and do ukemi etc. But you are getting old and becoming stiff. You should remember that you have to train harder, to compensate, but in your own way. But you should never stop training. If you do, you will lose the zest for living."

Very best wishes and give my yoroshiku to Kawahara Shihan.

Peter Goldsbury

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