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Re: It Had To Be Felt #64: Sekiya Masatake: "A Living Manifestation of an Art"

Wonderful article about a great teacher. I remember my first encounter with Sekiya Sensei where he was "simply" on the mat at a seminar with Chiba Sensei. Iriminage was the technique in question and Sekiya Sensei took me to task in his own inimitable and gentlemanly way for my vigorous technique. Whilst he was acting as uke I was constantly falling off balance, with no apparent force or effort until suddenly a koshi-wasa was applied to me. There was no break to my movement just a feeling of taisebaki suddenly becoming ukemi with no apparent transition, an almost mystical experience.
Some years later Sekiya-san showed his more martial side when I held him in munedakishime grip which he couldn't break. Suddenly there was a tremendous pain; followed by numbness in my left leg where he had applied a pressure point accompanied by the words "too strong". P.S. The numbness stayed with me all class, making movement very difficult!
A remarkable and much missed individual.
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