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Working through pain

This is a hard thread to begin, but it is my hope that somehow I will be able to convey my message and possibly be able to find and give answers to those who may share a similar experience to mine. For the last two years my flexibility and mobility have slowly been getting worse, the last six months being filled with pain and incredible stiffness in my joints. Aikido has helped me to regain some of my flexibility and tolerance, however I must look to additional outlets as I wait for answers , if there are any, from the medical world. I have been put onto Lortab (read vicodin) since about last October, and am looking for a different way to alleviate my pain during aikido (the stuff makes me miserable and sleepy.. a dangerous combination on the mat).

This isn't the easy of questions, I realize, but it is one I have to ask.

Are there any members who have had experience with debilitating pain and such? Any exercises that might help. I am open to just about anything right now... it has even been suggested to me to learn tolerance breathing techniques, but I have yet to find any information on that.

I wish to extend my thanks in advance should there be a reply to this thread.


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