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Re: Is Aikido misunderstood in the Martial Art world?

read a story the other day and want to share. it's about a guy climbed up the mountain to ask a guru question. ever notice, that guru and such folks always hang around mountain tops. there can't be that many mountain tops are there? and why nobody bother to install an elevator of some sort? if i was a guru, i would hang around Las Vegas. but i digress...

so a guy climbed up the mountain to see a guru. he asked the guru, "what is the meaning of life?" the guru said "life is a cup of tea." the guy screamed at the guru, "I almost killed myself climbing up this mountain to ask such important question, and you said it's a cup of tea! are you mad?!!! the guru said "maybe it's not a cup of tea!"

aikido is a cup of tea!
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