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Cliff Judge
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Re: Article: Ellis Amdur, "The Use of Weapons in Aikido Training"

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
Cliff, thanks for posting the video. watching those videos, i can see the engagement distance and control of center line would make most aikido folks uncomfortable. not to mention the change level and the intensity. i also like this one the older man is quick and intense; weapon lead the body.
That's Bokuden ryu, very interesting stuff.

one comment, starting at a distance then closing for engagement is very different from regular aikido weapon line up.[/quote]

There is a lot to be studied when closing the distance.

Peter Rehse wrote: View Post
Interesting statements - how would it make aikido students uncomfortable?

The sword on sword weapons kata of Shodokan usually start at a distance and really that is my only experience with Aikido in this regard. Similar to other things I have done. I always assumed this was true for all AIkido weapons kata.
Peter, do you have any video links? I'd like to see this. Did Tomiki create these forms or did they come in from somewhere else?
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