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Re: Article: Ellis Amdur, "The Use of Weapons in Aikido Training"

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Hello David,
Nearly everything at hand can be used as a weapon.
The founder did practice extensively with certain weapons such as jo and bokken.

But isn't the jo (e.g.) or any other thing you call a "weapon" in aikido rather meant to be used as a tool to foster the ideals of aikido?
Perhaps, but you need to learn how to crawl before you can run.

Ueshiba Morihei is said to never have made the same movement twice.
Iwama tradition is extremely precise, technical and rational. The instructional material authored by the founder; "Budo" and "Budo Renshu" is as prescriptive as any martial arts manual ("...execute irimi tenkan to the right and strike his head").

So, who created the kata, the kumijo?
Saito sensei formalized those based on his training under the founder.

Better you argue with Ellis.
Sorry for butting in.
If you wish to argue Ellis's points with any authority, then by all means do.

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