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graham christian
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Re: Violence and Aikido

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
Call the police on someone who won't move?
Very 'aiki':

'Letting' someone do exactly what they want is not leading them; you are having no impact on that person, whatsoever.
"Yeah - you're killing all of those Jewish people, Adolf, but I tell you what i'm gonna do: i'm gonna leave and let you keep doing it, like a mischievous zen monk, lol."
Ha, ha. Calling the police would be on those trying to take over not on the person not moving. Duhhh.

Letting someone complete their mission is a principle in Aikido but alas some like you think it means what you see it as and thus lack the reality of what it means. Unfortunate.

Comparing extreme killing situations with leading a group of idiots from one place is not comparable. lol.

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