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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

Hmm, This is the kind of stuff I thought you guys were talking about. I personally think it's less interesting then what I described in the first video. But to each his own.

As for the first video, it is a gross example of what I would call "Aiki". It does require commitment on the part of the attacker, but not over commitment. It is by far the most powerful single tool I've personally seen in the martial arts. Its implications are much farther reaching then anyone yet seems to have touched on. Mastering the ability to use this one concept eliminates the need for all other technique.


1. I'm using as much muscle is required to align my body.
2. I can maintain that posture until the pusher falls onto the ground in a heap of sweat. Staying relaxed myself. It is effortless.
3. I can do that from most directions, but I must align myself. There is no magic holding me up, only the alignment of my bones.
4. I can manifest structure as quickly as need be, it's not a matter of speed.
5. Depends on who I'm dealing with. People who are as good as me are harder to deal with then people who are not as good as me.

All of the things I showed "require muscle" without muscle the human body cannot move. However I can align so that holding the position becomes effortless. That doesn't mean no muscle, it just means that it is very easy for me to do.

While sitting I must align my structure to the push. Ueshiba did as well, if you watch his videos, it looks much the same.

I cannot stand on one foot without joining structures with the pusher. Nor can I stay at 90 degrees. No one can, without using what I showed in video 3 (mental suggestion).

If anyone can do this, please post videos! I've heard of these things, but when it comes to showing them, strange enough no one can.

If you can't understand the importance of video 3 (mental suggestion) then you are probably very susceptible to it.

Lets see some videos!!