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I recognized the same tendency in myself early in my training, decided I didn't need or want to go that route, realized my reaction to the other person was totally defensive and ego-based and decided - so what if he thinks I need correcting? so what if he thinks I'm wrong and I don't? That's not a reflection of who I am, it just doesn't matter.
Yes, that is a good outlook. It is also important to remember that we all walk a dark path alone with only the light we ourselves provide. On occasion, we get lucky and bump into someone else that adds to our light by being on the same wavelength. However, most times we usually just bump into people that are way out of tune that insists theirs is the only melody to sing. You need to cherish the former and run from the latter. Bottom line is that life is too short to dwell on anything that hinders your walk down your path
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