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When I am training with someone difficult (who constantly corrects, or who corrects me when I am doing what sensei demonstrated), lately I find myself escalating the conflict by throwing the difficult partner harder, or being malicious when applying pins and locks. Usually this results in the partner escalating back, and a couple of times it's gotten too intense.

This behavior is the opposite of what I am training for. I spoke to a couple of sempai about it, and they both said that it's normal, something everyone struggles with. But they had a hard time putting words to how they struggle with it, and made it sound like it just happens and not to worry about it. But I don't want to incorporate this into my personality. I'd rather figure out how to control myself when people piss me off.

How normal is this? How do other people work through it? I don't think of myself as being otherwise vindictive or violent, and have never physically confronted someone before these on-the-mat scenarios, which are kind of like fights but not really. In the rest of my life I think of myself as being fairly easy going--I am not afraid of confrontation, but am certainly not one to pick a fight.
I would get sensei's attention and bring him over to where the two of you are practicing and ask sensei's advice.


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