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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

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By all means send in some names! I know there are a great number of folks willing to travel far and wide to get IT.

For my own self needs I'm trying to find folks a bit closer to home so I can get regular 'hands on' time. A seminar here and there is good if that is all one can manage but regular training with immediate correction will be far superior.

Thats the hard part though. As Mike pointed out above- how do you recommend; based on what/ For me, when I look at all of it the things I have felt and or have seen:
1. There are guys with a lot of power but maybe it is quasi-internal simple frame stuff. Make no mistake it can be tons of power but it is incomplete
2. There are guys with soft jujutsu-this includes a few ICMA teachers who like to talk about internal power, but they really don't have a clue. They are confusing people (who don't know any better) with their soft jujutsu They can toss you like no ones business- but it's not IP/aiki
3. There are guys with internal power, but lack the skill in using it in fluid resistance at speed. They are hobbyists.
4. There are guys with IP who really cannot teach it well
5. There are guys with only a fraction of the big picture but who can teach what they know really well
6. And any number of folks in-between in all of the above.

I make it easy. I don't recommend anyone. I tell people to go out and feel and make their own choices. Then they own their choices.
Why? It's the only way I currently know to be fair and open about it
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