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Re: Who's got Internal Training and can and will teach it?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hey bud
I've had about a half dozen people tell me I reminded them of Sam's approach, another one just recently (when I'm not doing MMA style work with it -just crossing hands), that's why I am intrigued. I hear he will let you play as long as people are up front, open and not D______k's. Which I'm not.
I'll shoot you a PM to see if there are any particulars.
Does he incorporate breath training?

Yeah Sifu always let's people touch, although that window may close soon-ish (within 5 years or so).

we do incorporate breath training. in fact i was recently opened up to a whole new level of it last weekend.

Sifu talks a lot about how "the breath conditions the body". the basic idea is to use the breath to propel force from the ming men.

in all honesty, this is the next level of breakthrough i need to make i think. of our 15 basic exercises, the tu'na breathing is my weakest and i believe is something holding me back from progressing to a much higher level then i am now, so i would rather not try to elaborate any more than that. i'll let you ask him about it directly when you see him.

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