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Re: Who's got Internal Training and can and will teach it?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hey now!!
Look at you here on aikiweb.

Ashe, I think you should consider advertising one of Sam's seminars in the "Non Aikido martial traditions" section of the site you are on right now. While not directly related, I think many people would find Sam -very- interesting.
Looks like I will finally get down to train with him this winter.

hey Dan!

yeah, i'll look around and see where to post them. trying to walk softly in someone elses house ya' know. didn't wanna come in like a bull in a china shop...

that's good that you're going to get a chance to go meet up with my Sifu. any idea when? our intensive training retreat is in february, so i should be there too about then.

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
I could be wrong, of course, and I invite Ashe Higgs to come and meet up and show me the superior way. After all, I am just a student and I will enjoy learning from him.


Mike Sigman
dude, what's your deal? i've been here for like 12 hours and you drop a challenge on me? for what offense?

Josh Phillipson wrote: View Post
Hello Ashe,
Taking balance at a touch, eh? How long in till you can start learning to do that?
ILC looks very interesting and very powerful. You guys must have a lot of fun. .
re: taking balance on touch; depends of course on the relative attention levels of the two parties involved and the intensity level at which you're playing.

i certainly enjoy ILC!

the thing that i think people would find most interesting about ILC is how very clear and concise the curriculum and exercises are. Sifu has spent a HUGE amount of time trying to make sure the vocabulary is very precise. In fact, ILC in the form it's taught today is essentially and English language system, so there's not so much mumbo-jumbo to sort through.

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