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Originally posted by thomasgroendal
Even very advanced students will have a very difficult time taking full falls with one of their legs held up against their chest. It is also dangerous because if someone panics on an accidentally extra big back breakfall they are likely to forget their head or brace with their hands, either one leading to a world of pain.
movement vs. kicks, and the general sense of disbalance is taught. I then allow them to throw me. (I teach four very beginners, so that is more than enough.)
It's exactly what my instructor said when I asked him why we don't practise kick often (we were just coming out of a seminar where we have practised kicks). He answered that each time people practised kicks, someone get hurts, specially the beginners, because the falls can be quite hard... Not only because of backfalls, but also because people tends to push too hard on the leg...

Second thing he tells me is that kicks aren't the most used attack. If someone want to agress you on the street, you have a lot more chance that he tried to grab you or punch you in the face than trying to give you a mae geri... Even if someone know how to kick, it will probably not be his first attack, he will try something else before... So, you better to concentrate on punch and grab...

Another thing, but it's only a personnal feeling, is that many aikidokas (instructors included) doesn't seem to know how to kick... So, it's difficult to teach someone how to kick if you don't know how to do it itself...

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