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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

Pat Togher wrote: View Post
My experience is Aikido is limited, so allow me to ask:

Does not most aikido training consist of prearranged attack and defense?

There is randori in Aikido of course, but it doesn't seem that that is the primary means of training, from what I've seen.

Hello Pat,
When you start to learn play music, let's say piano, the teacher ask you to play DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI DO. Many times. Then you have to do many other very technical exercises (i.e. passages). But what is the real goal of all this preparation? Will you play DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI DO all the rest of you life?
Yes some ppl will do the prearranged attack and defense for the rest of their life.

But you Pat, you will play MUSIC. Simply don't take the appearance for the real stuff

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