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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
Even now I am told by aikido shihans that I cannot (fully) understand Japanese (martial) culture because I was not born a Japanese and have not lived here all my life. But this is their problem and it is pointless to argue. I have learned to smile enigmatically in response and say nothing.
I heard a quite similar comment from a man who had lived most of his adult life in China and who provided the West with *some* understanding of the ancient texts on some interesting subjects. Even though he was a trained classicist, had a deep knowledge of Chinese culture, idiom, legends, etc., he himself felt that he was not on a par with some of the native classicists because he had not been born and raised in the culture. Comparing the two viewpoints, all I can do is smile enigmatically like this:
One final note. I once attended Friday evening training in the Aikikai Hombu, taught by Kisshomaru Doshu. The late Arikawa Sadateru was doing ordinary training, as was an 8th dan who shall be nameless. For some reason Arikawa Sensei went over to the 8th dan and had him throw him. He was completely immovable. Arikawa Sensei never explained in clear terms what he 'had' and some posters here might think he was wrong in this.
Could you explain for us what he did, based on your extensive years in Aikido, please?


Mike Sigman
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