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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

You mat one of your rooms to make a dojo.

Your living room IS your dojo, with no furniture, only mats. (Credits to the friend who actually did this.)

You started weapons training with your kids when they were two years old.

Your <10yo kids have no trouble doing a few hundred practice shomenuchi with a bokken without getting tired or sore.

Your avatars on forums are all O’Sensei’s calligraphy.

Your sensei invites you to his house for extra practice....

....on a regular basis.

You’ve read half, or all the Aikido (or Zen or the like) books in your sensei’s library.

You own a cotton hakama and can fold the pleats back with ease.

You can iron the pleats back perfectly in a cotton hakama after washing it by hand.

You go to work in your dogi so you don’t have to change before class.

When buying a jacket, you consider whether or not it will fit over your dogi.

You practice hanmi/kamae while waiting for and riding in elevators alone, while waiting for the kettle to boil, in the shower, or at any time when nobody else is around.

Instead of being happy about a public holiday you’re upset because the dojo is closed too.

You end up impressing everyone at a nightclub with your dancing, even though you can’t dance, because your blending and movement are so good.

You think of naming your first kid “Aiki”.

Your wife, who doesn't do Aikido, suggests naming your kid "Aiki" because you like Aikido so much.

You actually DID name your first kid "Aiki".

Well, OK, the last one I didn't do, but the rest are (or were at one time) all true.
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