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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

I am just making an observation. There is much discussion about the effectiveness of tool, but little of the operator and their effectiveness using the tool. Not a criticism, an observation. It seems then that preferential bias leads to polarized opinions. What more value is there in the discussion beyond opinion?

I will be starting my own school soon. Dealing with new student's questions underlined with whether Aikido will or will not work in a "real" fight, and how to define that.

The word "real" fight is narrowly defined in much overkilled as the ultimate life and death situation...."the street" fight. Combat the uberfight over dramatically stressed to a toe-to-toe life and death situation. In some odd turn of fate that somehow ends up being defined criteria of a MMA competition. I ask, where then does domestic violence play a role, isn't a real fighting? Then, how about being raped, isn't that a real fight? The paradigms are outside the conventional one being discussed here slip into being morphed into a life and death fight into a mano a mano testosterone contest. Doesn't Aikido have validity of discussion to other violent situations? I don't know how many innocent people are faced with being criminally attacked by MMA?

What about the old self-defense adages of how to avoid a fight, and how Aikido applies to that.

Coming to this forum looking for answers to valid questions, like does Aikido really work in a fight are important to me. A soon to be a sensei, prospective students with large dewy eyes full of wonderment will be asking the same question, but for different reasons. I can't take that lightly. My credibility is on the line. Giving those new students a false impression of Aikido is criminal, I have a conscious. Bottom line is, opinions are great but...when they are narrowed down to polarized opinions much of the value is lost. A broader more dynamic discussion would really help me out allot, as a reader add value. Thanks of the consideration.
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