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Dave Plaza
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Re: To bow or not to bow

I bow when I enter my dojo, but I couldn't care less about it. I just do it because that's whats done, not out of respect. I don't feel like a charlatan or cheat, I attach nothing to the bow, it means nothing to me, I just play the game.

It's more important to me that you train with good spirit and respect and care for your fellow people.

Why don't you meditate on it and ask yourself what Ueshiba would do in this position?

Or better still, what do you feel deep down about it regardless of dogma? I find that deep down we can find the right answers when we cut away the traffic of everyday life and get in touch with our higher self, these things resonate with us, just like you instinctively know when you've done right or wrong.

I guess it's a matter of spirituality too. I would never want anybody to bow to me, what's the point! We are all equal.
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