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Re: To bow or not to bow

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Did I say that?

So ok, you do need to bow to do Aikido. Count me out from now on. Let me call what I do Flintstone Ryu, ok. Won't change a thing, only remove accesory mechanical movements from the art. Because... that's what they are.

After all, not being able to bow is not a handicap.
It is mandatory in some dojo. Higher level Japanese instruction might be offended if you refuse to bow. I've never neglected to bow to my shihan, but I've heard stories of people who refused to bow to some of O'sensei's Deshi... it is an awkward situation for all. It is a cultural issue. I do not bow in my every day life...but I will bow to O'Sensei's deshi, it is a privilege to be in training with that 1st generation.(what is left of them.....Plug: everyone should please seek their instruction while their knowledge is still with us.)

LOL you wouldn't be the first person to create his own non-affiliate art because they couldn't get along with O'Sensie's Deshi

I'm just saying it can become a tenuous situation, especially if one intends to progress in Aikido beyond the hobbyist/weekend Samurai.

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