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Chris Hein wrote: View Post
He's the guy who wrote/translated the quote I put in above. That's why I said you should look him up, you questioned his understanding.
Chris, you and Meik Skoss are more than welcome to come on QiJin and give us the lowdown on internal strength, but the question still stands (and I'm off this thread and pretty much off the passive-aggressive-controlled AikiWeb, for that matter) ... I asked you functionally how it was pertinent to the discussion. If you look at my post, I caveated about Skoss and spoke in general terms. I've read Skoss' stuff, seen his videos, and I know people (experts) who know him personally. I have a good feeling for what he knows, but that STILL has nothing to do with the idea of using argument by authority as a way to argue a discussion. It's still wrong.


Mike Sigman
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