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Re: Need some advice.

I tend to agree with Kevin. From the description, there is very little evidence upon which to prosecute, and from what I have read in the UK the CPS refuses to prosecute cases with a lot more evidence than this. Even if the man had not stopped but actually raped her, this type of thing is far from a guaranteed conviction given that she consensually went with him alone to the beach and then let him take her home. It would come down to his word against hers, who seems more convincing to the jury, and who has the better lawyer.

I would say that she is lucky that things ended the way they did. Sexual abuse is rampant in modern society and a woman needs to be very careful when choosing to be alone with a man. It's usually safe to assume that any man who wants to get a woman alone is sexually interested in her and, given that most men are stronger than most women, that he could try to force the matter if she declines. Sure, you can report it to the police after the fact but sexual abuse prosecutions are always hard on the victim, and even if they are successful they don't undo what was done. Better to learn how to prevent these things from happening in the first place.

The guy has certainly has some issues but so do a lot of people, and since he's not posting on this forum there's not much anyone here can do to help him (and what he needs most is help, not retribution). Frankly I often see a kind of vigilante mentality on this forum when people post about how they believe they have been wronged. Everyone assumes that the one side of the story they have heard is the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then jumps on board to condemn the other party to eternal damnation, prison rape, etc. I can think of several threads where I have seen this kind of behavior. Reality is almost always much more nuanced than one person makes it out to be, and while it might be gratifying to your ego to have your friends all say that you are perfect and flawless and all of your problems are someone else's fault, it doesn't help you learn anything or grow much as a person.

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