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Re: Need some advice.

Well, the way I see people behaving on this thread reminds me of a lynch mob. I don't think I'm too far off. Look at how freaked out you are getting about what I consider a little skepticism and common sense, and look at the extremity of the rhetoric. The ideological zealotry I'm talking about is something in the politically correct victimology range. I'm sorry but this incident just doesn't necessarily sound that bad to me. It's not good, and the guy needs to incur some consequences, but throwing around words like "predator", "devious", "malicious", etc... and gleefully implying the ruination of this guys life and his torture in prison sounds like the product of some kind of indoctrination or group hysteria to me.... and that's not hyperbole.

Now, on to some of the misrepresentations and fallacies.

First, if you'll go back and reread, I too suggested reporting it to the police. I don't know anything about UK law, but I suspect in most of the US, unless he has priors, that's all it would amount to: filing a report, not perp walks or prison sentences.

Next, he may have "lied" about other people coming along, or there may be other explanations. The other people could have cancelled and he didn't see any reason to notify her. Maybe she said something that he misconstrued as flirtatious after he made the initial plan and he thought it would be a welcome surprise. I don't know, and no one else does either based on reading a few sentences from one person's point of view. Sheesh. No wonder people are tried and convicted in public opinion so often based on five-sentence AP news blurbs.

Last, the question of credentials. Who cares? Arguments from authority are inherently invalid. It is perfectly possible to be an authority on a subject and still be wrong about any particular point involving it. If you have to invoke the weight of your supposed authority to back your point, it's a sure sign your argument can't stand on it's own. In this case, it isn't even clear that psychological credentials are the relevant field in which to be an authority, as the dispute also involves legalities and general social attitudes and behaviors.

Finally, just so we're clear, taking the description at face value, if I were Anon, I would a) confront the guy. If I was not completely satisfied with his response, I would b) tell him I am filing a report with the police, then do it. If he said or did anything implying further threat after that, I would c) make it clear to him that if I get so much as a headache that can be even obliquely attributable to him, I am coming after him, being careful to avoid anything obvious enough to incur verbal assault charges, of course. YMMV.

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