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Re: Need some advice.

Please at least get a report on file with the authorities (whether charges are pressed or not).

Better that his actions have consequences now, perhaps disproportionate to the justifications he had in his own mind, then to possibly surrender another woman to actions disproportionate to her justifications of those consequences in her mind.

Let me say it more clearly.

Men can't be allowed to think it is ever alright to treat women that way.

For his benefit, he must know in the worst way that his actions were on the wrong path. Perhaps he will change his direction or it will slow his progress.

For the safety of other women, something must be done. If there is a next time, it won't be her word against his if you say something now.

Maybe this is the first/only/worst he has ever treated a woman this way (I hope so); still, I don't care.

If every man got one "mulligan" in his life where this kind of behavior were allowed to pass, then almost every woman would be treated in this way at least once in her life.

We already live in a world where this is practically the case.

I want us to live in a better world than that.

I'm glad you told us.
I'm glad you told your sensei.
I'm glad you weren't hurt worse.

Please continue to contribute to the solution.

I wish you the best in however you deal with it.

"One does not find wisdom in another's words." -James D. Chye
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