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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Mike Haft wrote: View Post
Lol, how gracious of you to point that out Mike I do think similarly to you that Ki Aikido isn't Ueshiba's aiki though. Tohei Sensei himself said he only kept maybe 30% of the waza so it's bound to 'look' different, and if you watch Tohei move and watch film of Ueshiba, sure enough, looks the same but different. Though as has been said elsewhere internal skills will look different depending on which cup you pour them into. Pour them into a Daito Ryu cup you get Daito Ryu, Aikido you get aikido, systema, tai chi etc. Pour them into a cup which isn't in such good shape and they leak out the sides....

IMO, based on limited exposure to Tai Chi (compared with my aikido that is), the teaching methods for Ki aikido are specifically designed for passing this stuff on, whereas as Mike said, it can be a bit more haphazard in Tai Chi and hugely depends on your teacher. At the very least going and studying ki aikido for a while would give you some greater appreciation of what to look for if you then wanted to shop around at a later date. For example, when you're giving a ki test (an important part of learning how to use ki) after a while it becomes apparent whether the person will pass or fail before you touch them. I can usually look at my students before I even attempt the test and see that they won't pass it, and when I do perform the test I'm almost always correct in my assessment (it's nice to be surprised though!). That's a useful skill to have if you're gonna go shopping for someone who can teach 'internal stuff'
I don't particularly disagree with the above. My only comment was that probability (IME) says that Howard has a better chance to get what he's asking for in Ki-Aikido. I like Ki-Aikido. My only problem is that I think it stays at a basic level too much and never goes very far. My objection to that is based on the fact that I tend to *like* Ki-Aikido and therefore I may be expecting too much from it.

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