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Re: techniquies in street fights

As other people have so eloquently pointed out, in the case of somebody who knows what they are doing with a knife, they would have used it before you were aware that it was there.
Very true- however the schools of tanto drawing and cutting have declined. this is very true and in such an instance- one cannot defend themselves. One asks the question- why bother with martial arts? Reason because nearly all of the population cannot kill you with a single unseen stroke.

Steven Seagal belongs in the movies and should stay there.
Now hang on he is 7th Dan and trained at hombu for a while. As far as i am concerned unless you are 7th dan or higher, (So hombu) or are a shihan then i do not see how you can criticize.

Firstly, go to your sensei, tell them that you could stop them using a training tanto by dint of your super reflexes and tactics (which include the idea of immobilizing an Aikido sensei by grabbing his/her wrist ) and, when they've wiped the tears of laughter from their eyes see if they'll let you try.
How in gods name do you expect to do a wrist lock with no contact? Ki projection perhaps? Fire ball? Sonic boom?
Sensei comes Tsuki and i tenkan behind him at the same time I grab his wrist, thumb to the back of his hand- i whack Kotegaeshi on and he plummets to the ground- if he did not, the carpacal bones would have been reduced to a powder. Alex is a 3rd kyu in aikido and has experienced more Martial arts to a similar that i would care to name. He does know what he is on about- maybe not to a dan grade level- but he does know this and even gives sensei a run for his money at times.

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