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Re: techniquies in street fights

Matt Molloy wrote:
Go find an experienced escrima/arnis/kali or any other knife proficient art practitioner. Train with them and when you know what you're talking about, be so good as to post a retraction.
What has someones skill with a knife got to do with the knife? Is his ki stored in the knife or something? Either that or Kail people must be the best boxers in the world because something in their movements is so superior to everything everyone else is doing that they will always hit. Actually your reaction (OMG there's a knife, I've lost) proves my point. Such is your fear of the knife you forget there's a man holding it. Admittedly using Aikido you're probably screwed, it's too slow to deal with the kind of fast attacks you get in kali et el but I do more than Aikido.
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