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Re: techniquies in street fights

Second knife fight I was in I was working in a bar. It was closing time, people were drinking up and leaving. One guy and his mate decided that they were special and that the bar should remain open all night. There was a heated argument over wheather the bar was remaining open or not and he threw a punch at me. I blocked took his wrist, delivered some atemi to his face, grabbed him by his coat and dragged him onto the bar. Then I noticed he had a butterfly knife in his hand, dragged him all the way over the bar, got him into a kote-gashi style armlock, arm straight up one foot pinning his shoulder down, bent his wrist gokyo style, held it like that with my right and smacked it with my left, causing him to drop the knife, which was then taken away by one of the barstaff. Then security dragged him out.

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