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Re: techniquies in street fights

Yokomen utchi with a tanto is still yokomen utchi, tsuki with a tanto is still tsuki, shomen utchi with a tanto is still shomen utchi. At some point if he wants to attack you he has to move his arms towards you and if you deal with that arm movement the knife is meaningless.
Tanto dori is not about dealing with knives. No technique ever invented is about dealing with a knife. Without exception they're about dealing with a PERSON using a knife.

First knife fight I was in is a classic example. I have a mate. His sole martial arts training consists of one karate class about 10 years ago. One night we were out about, saw some lads on the corner, didn't think much. Next thing we know they're demanding money off us and waving knives in our faces. The one that's on my mate is holding a knife to the back of his neck and searching his pockets when my mate makes a small step and plants a hook on his jaw. The dude hits the floor, totally out of it.
Where was the all powerful knife? In his unconcious hand, totally safe and harmless. Did the knife stop the hook? Did the knife render it's owner mystical powers of invincibilty? There is no mystical power to the knife, it's only as effective as the person carrying it and we know how to deal with them because a knife is only an extension of that person.

Deal with the knife carrying strike, not the knife.

Simple experiement, give a tanto to someone in the dojo, take them by the wrist holding the tanto and tell them to stab you. While they're doing this imagine how many times you could have punched them in the throat, or choaked them. Who do you think would have died first?

So I say again. A knife is mostly psychological.
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