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Re: My first IS experience

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the operating word is "systematically". i had my share of seeing bits and pieces here and there in aikido, but not systematically explained or taught. these IS folks, like sigman and harden, came up with a system to teach folks, and none of those mumbo jumbo "keep the one point", "extend ki", "move your inside" and so on and so forth (ya, tohei's aikido folks are going to have a hissy fit with what i just said, and my respond is "hakuna matata").
I don't think Tohei Sensei's four principles were ever intended to be the entirety of how/what he taught. Rather a simple condensed check list of things to make sure you're getting right. Of course such a check list is largely useless unless you have enough knowledge to know what 'keeping one point' really is, the knowledge of this therefore cannot come from the check list but must come from elsewhere. When I was first learning I found it hugely annoying that I wasn't being given good explanations of how to 'keep one point', but they came in time, partly through direct instruction, partly through careful observation on my part. If the IS gurus have got a good handle on explaining the how, I say fair play to them, wish I'd had that 15 years ago. But I got it in the end.

As usual though, somone who it seems has barely scrathced the surface of ki aikido is maligning it . Let me take a wild stab here and ask you to describe unbendable arm with particular emphasis on the increasing levels of difficulty of that test. What's that I hear you say? Isn't there only one test for unbendable arm? Nope, there are levels of test that get harder to pass. But you knew that right?

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