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Fred Little
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Re: The two body/mind concepts of Japanese Martial Arts.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Hi Fred.
This is not about Mike or anyone else so please don't let's go there. Let's stick to Koshi.

Inasmuch as it was you who asserted that koshi and ground-path are the same, the reason for referencing Mike Sigman is his long-standing use of the term "ground-path" and the effort he's put into making clear what he means by that, both in words and in introductory seminars.

Thus, I was interested in your explanation of the relationship between the two. However, with each question I ask, you move on to another series of assertions which you base on what you feel, simultaneously dismissing the need for any experience (or empirical examination) of the thing with which you have no experience but "feel" to be the same as what you feel you understand.

Sorry to have troubled you.



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