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Zach Trent
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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Thank you everyone for the helpful advice...and interesting discussion of internal power. I got two for the price of one!

I really learned from people discussing how uke should grab- if uke becomes like a concrete pillar just so they can keep their kung-fu grip, then the martial confrontation is over. I could be wrong, but I think this fellow just locked himself up for the sake of attacking "honestly"- though it doesn't make any martial sense.

I'll look for this guy again and see what happens!

I have no knowledge or opinions of internal power, but I got angry at the people who were saying Ledyard Sensei didn't seem very organized in his thoughts and contributions. To be honest- I have this back-burner desire of getting all of Ledyard Sensei's writings published someday. I think it would be an amazing contribution of essays and I myself would love to have all of his writings in one place. I learn a lot from you Sensei- so please keep sharing!

So take that!
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