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Mike Sigman
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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
Have you ever given consideration to the idea that you are part of a larger problem being discussed here? You conveniently place yourself as the "king of internal skills." You talk about how you started off in the Japanese martial arts and
Sorry, Marc, but can you quote the source for you "king of internal skills" claim. Since it seems to be a direct attribution, I want to see it.

In terms of the lengthy character assassination, I'm not going to bother to reply. I've had you freely as a guest in my home and took the time to show you gratis some things that would help you. Take that as my contribution.

The bigger question a number of us are looking at though, is this frenzy you and a couple of others seem to have worked yourselves into. I had one person who attended a recent workshop tell me about an instructor that mentioned my name and seethed a lot all through the workshop; I was told that the impression was that this instructor (who is not teaching his best-guess of a lot of the terminology from the QiJin list) appeared to be someone who wanted to physically harm me. You strike me as being in the same mood, Marc, along with a few others. Why not explain why you're like this?

Preferable to me is that you simply explain some baseline internal-strength skill stuff. As it is, a lot of people are getting the impression that the people engaging in the personal attacks are simply trying to discredit anyone who doesn't go along with a certain party-line. Why should this kind of petty stuff be happening on a martial-arts forum.

Try a fresh topic. Tell us how to move using the center, for example, as opposed to using some *aiki* and a lot of arm. That would be a great help to many newbies, I think.


Mike Sigman
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