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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
[BThe "translation" I offered on that thread on RSF (while still basic) is more in-depth than anything I have ever read from you...anywhere. Which might explain why you are always asking me to talk about how I train.
Well, you have your opinion about your knowledge and skills, Dan. Each to his own. Here's what you said, using my name gratuitously:

You also might want to consider that Hong considers peng to be chansi-jin, "the one jin" in the first place, and not rooting or bouncing out with the dantien or the Sigman ground path model; it's more inclusive and complex than a single path. [/quote] Obviously Hong didn't use my name, so you've indicated an opinion (via your assertion) about "chansi-jin", telling us that Hong considers chansi-jin (the reeling-silk jin/skill) to be the "one jin". The problem is that the core/one jin in Chen's taiji is "peng jin", which is there name for the neijin. The groundpath is, as I pointed out in my quote, the basic jin that goes from the foot, is controlled by the waist, and expressed by the hand. Hong knows that. The core variant of neijin/pengjin that the Chens style uses is chansi-jin, but it is not the core/peng jin.

Since you made an assertion about what Hong believes and tossed my name into the pot, I asked you to explain. I doubt seriously that Hong or his people need you making misstatements/misunderstandings about what Hong knows. But I guarantee you that Hong understands that chansi-jin is simply an offshoot of the neijin. Anyone with basic knowledge knows that.


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