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Re: The "Death" of the Traditional Organization

I have to say, the 'organisation' for me has been a non-starter almost since I started training. Back then (1980s), you were not allowed to train in another org, and even training at another teacher's dojo in the same org could be a problem without 'special' permission. They seemed to think you were some kind of traitor. I solved that problem by doing different arts as it made it almost impossible for them to find out. Of course, eventually, they did, especially when I started attending summer schools of different Aikido orgs. In the end, it was not really much of an issue because I really couldn't have cared less for what they thought of me. I knew I was learning and that was good enough for me - I was just having a good time. However, it did cause issue with gradings. At one point I was a fully paid up member of several orgs; paid the $ and did lots of gradings - but they only let you get so far. After a while they 'talk' about you. He trains over there, and similar silly stuff. Of course, at first, you do care about what 'they' think of you, but as you grow and improve, and see that you are getting better than some of 'them', so your mind changes, and you become stronger and more independent, more confident.

That was back in the 80s and I have no idea if it is still like that today because I just can't be bothered with it. I ask no one for anything - if I can train, fine; if not, I'll go away, fine. These days though, people don't seem too bothered about it.

I think today, as the old teachers die, orgs will split up and regroup according to whoever is the best new kid on the block (talent), or whoever can 'get' them a grade from Hombu (hierarchy, not necessarily talent). But there don't seem to be many 'new kids on the block' as the old ones were elevated far beyond their capabilities so I think a lot of people are going to get rather lost. Maybe aikiweb is part of that regrouping.

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