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Walter Martindale
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Re: upcoming movie featuring aikido...

It's a movie. Upon entering, as when opening a book, allow yourself to be taken away by the story and leave reality behind - isn't that partly why one goes to movies? Unless you're a professional movie critic. After the film's over and you've (with any luck) enjoyed the story, rent it on DVD or view it on netflix and rip the aikido to shreds.
As a competitive shooter I frequently see people mishandling firearms in movies, but I don't let that interfere with watching the movie. As a professional rowing coach, it almost makes one sick to watch what happens when actors try to row and pass themselves off as elite rowers, but - heck - it's a story. There are times I wish these movie guys would take an Aikido"ist", trained athlete, or whatever, and teach them to act well enough to do a good movie with some semblance of competency in the action they're trying to do, but then hardly anyone would go see it.
How many people will go to this one because Halle Berry is playing a role? Same question with Foxx? They're not always in the accuracy department - they're trying to make money.
Shut up walter, back to work.
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