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Traditional Japanese Dojo Name Shingles

I'm posting this for a friend and not really certain how to begin, so I'll just jump in. My friend and I have been renovating our dojo. I've included the following link if you're interested in the woodwork we've completed. itstart=11

Our sensei would like to have the names of our members on shingles running along the wall as in traditional dojos. First of all, I do not know the name for this, so any help is appreciated, but more importantly, are there any guidelines that any of you might suggest? Size of the shingles? Order of names? I am assuming the first shingle would be for O'Sensei, then the leader of our affiliation, and then our sensei. Is that correct?

I did find a photo example on Yamada sensei't bio page.

Does anyone else have any photographic examples?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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