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despite the unreality of some classical training systems they will sometimes add some arrows to your quiver that are pretty good

Very true, whatever has been known to work over and over against a highly motivated resisting attacker should be used.

Even in a lot of dojo's, Aikido and otherwise, the reason someone gets known as a "good fighter" is because he's fighting other people with moderate skill level.

There again, true, u must train with progressive resistance against all types of fighters, weights, sizes, shapes, different systems etc.

I happen to like the idea of Aikido for the same reason I enjoy looking into yiquan, Taiji, Bagua, etc.... the body mechanics and the health benefits. I've already got a lot of fights behind me and I'm interested in the physical training,

Same here, i think certain ideas definatley supplement your training

But hey... don't start confusing some of these discussions with facts, Jason.... it doesn't endear you to people if you tell them the truth is not what they've come to believe.

Boy dont i know it!

I think we should all have a gathering once a year somewhere in the middle of the country. We could all meet eachother, make some new friends, exchange ideas and concepts, and test some theory under different conditions. We could try and get the highest ranking aikidoka to come as well as beginners I know plenty of people from different systems, not to mention law enforcement,military, and just plain old tough street fighters that would be more than willing to help us all in our search for truth regarding what really works in the arts. It would be fun, we could sit around the campfire, cookout, talk, sing songs. What do you all think? Mike i have some people in Durango i know, im in Arizona but ill pprobly be up there sometime this summer, we should definatley hook up and train.
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