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Re: Punches

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Personally, I think most people in aikido for any substantial period of time are aware that what you see in a demo is not 'real world'...but are we clear enough about that? And what would aikdio demos look like with more use of atemi by shite?
Ron, there are tons of dojo's with people who don't have a clue what the "real world" is or what a "real fight" is.... and they simply don't want to know. Aikido is a haven where they don't have to face the real world, in a lot of cases. They consider demo's to BE the real world.

What I was asking was "what are the acceptable 'atemi's' that I can use in say an average dojo nowadays without having to face the ire anc conform-pressure that is so easily generated when you don't "harmonize" in accordance with the accepted protocols? Punch? Side chop? Elbow? Slap? What? In a lot of dojo's I've been in, the only really accepted atemi was a stylized fake fist-punch during irimi on a few select techniques and I was wondering what else was out there.


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