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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Not asking for legends...just noting an inconsistancy in the logic between the story at hand, and what *it seems* we should take away from it.
I already posted it.... your interpretation of "series" missed the point. K.U. was used to punches of a different sort.
I myself would hesitate to say what attacks someone is familiar with. For instance, a shotokan BB who is a pretty darn good fighter once made the decision to try my own teacher in this fashion...he regretted the decision, and decided not to try it again. He's now 3rd Dan in aikido. Worked out well all around...because the teacher in question has a big heart, and didn't put him in the hospital. What I'm suggesting is the possibility that K. Ueshiba also had a big heart...
Groan. Not *another* "blackbelt in karate get creamed" story. I've got plenty of them. So does everyone else. Why do we hear so many "blackbelt in karate" stories??? I think it's stylic discrimination!

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