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Re: right way of doing sitting kokyu-ho

Hello Soon-Kian,

"Alec, you are right in asking your question... but then again, your comment probably applies to many of the people in the Techniques section... so why do you think so many of us pose our questions here? "

I don't know, thats why I asked. I also see a value in swapping ideas but the fact is you can't do Aikido in print or word, no matter how clear, otherwise mail order "Masters" would be everywhere.
Whoops, what am I saying, they are! Seriously I meant what I said although I have tried to give a small answer, but a half hour of practise together would do much more and out of respect for your teacher, give him or her that option.
P.S. someone said it's difficult to ask questions of teachers, that has never been my experience within the Aikikai, it is a question of timing. If your teacher does not welcome questions I would have a few.
regards, Alec

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