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Re: right way of doing sitting kokyu-ho

Soon-Kian Phang wrote:
Some ukes purposely don't extend enough, so when I extend forward, I can't seem to catch hold of their center.

I'm curious about off-balancing nage from the ground position. Would you mind elaborating?
I'm not sure if Alec is referring to me... but the first situation happened during a seminar with people from other dojos, and I just happened to remember it when reading this thread...

As for the second question, I'm asking Ignatius to elaborate on what he said...

Alec, you are right in asking your question... but then again, your comment probably applies to many of the people in the Techniques section... so why do you think so many of us pose our questions here?

I suspect part of the answer lies in teaching style... In most of the dojos I've trained in, we tend to concentrate on our techniques, until the Sensei comes over and corrects us. In other words, the direction is Sensei to student and not student to Sensei. It's rare for us to go up directly and ask the Sensei a question on technique.

Even in the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, people with 25+ years of experience tend to discuss techniques among themselves. I have never seen a senior (or junior) student directly ask any Shihan a question. In the same manner, posing a question in the forum is similar to asking fellow aikidoka their opinion about my own problems. I know there are a lot of experienced students on-line and I have gained immensely from their answers to my questions and the sharing of knowledge.

Looking forward to Ignatius' response

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