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Re: right way of doing sitting kokyu-ho

Uke is supposed to resist.
I guess that depends on how you view resistance. In our dojo we make it a practice not to "resist" anything (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). Kokyu-ho (we call it "kokyu-dosa") is no exception. Of course, that doesn't mean uke is a push-over. Hold soft, hold hard, use strength, remove all unnecessary tension -- whatever you like (as uke). Nage should be able to perform the exercise.
Having said that, for beginners, Uke shouldn't use maximum force. Uke should use "correct" force to allow nage to experiment with "ki" instead of muscle. Also, like most aikido exercise, it's not a "ki" connection for nage only, Uke should should try to find the right "ki" connection with his own body first too.
Well said!

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