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Re: right way of doing sitting kokyu-ho

Reyne Caritativo wrote:
hello there! i'm new here in aikiweb forums and i would like to know what is the right way of doing sitting kokyu-ho?

Search the forum, Mike Sigman, Ron, Teo said something very useful about Kokyu-ho.

does uke need to tighten the grip and use force so that nage will have a hard time doing this exercise or should uke allow nage to move in order to make a throw? i've been practicing aikido since 1994 and i still have a hard time doing this exercise especially if the uke is very strong. am i doing it wrong or is it uke's fault for resisting?

Uke is supposed to resist.

Having said that, for beginners, Uke shouldn't use maximum force. Uke should use "correct" force to allow nage to experiment with "ki" instead of muscle. Also, like most aikido excercise, it's not a "ki" connection for nage only, Uke should should try to find the right "ki" connection with his own body first too.
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